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Education System in USA

Education System in USA - MBBS in USA

USA has the world's most flexible education system; students can study their area of interest as specialization. As the education system of USA is not centralized each institute can determine its program and admission standards.

University follows the US curriculum which enables their students to follow the USMLE course pattern and allows them to practice in the USA as Resident Physicians after clearing the USMLE – II.

If any student plans to come back to India after completion of the course then they have to do the complete 4 years program and clear the MCI screening test in India. University prepares the students for the MCI Screening as part of the curriculum if they plan to choose to come back to India.

Grading System

Almost everything you do in class in the United States will affect your grade: examinations and tests, essays or written assignments, laboratory reports, studio work, class attendance, and class participation.

The grade scale is usually from either A to F or 0-4. For each grade, you need certain percentages. For example, to get an A (or 4) on a test, you usually need to correctly answer 90-100 % of the questions, to get a B (or 3), you need 80-90%, and so on.

Examinations are usually given once in the middle of the term and once at the end. Professors often give short quizzes or tests in between, with or without notice. Many times you must write a research paper or complete a project assignment toward your final grade.

Grade point average (GPA)

Grade point average (GPA) is a common measurement of grade in universities and colleges in the United States. The scale is from 0 to 4.0; students with a 4.0 GPA have received the highest grade overall in every class.

Grade Conversion Guide

An additional resource for students who are interested in studying in the United States is the Grade Conversion Guide. With this guide, students can compare grades in the United States with those of other countries, making it easier to understand entry requirements and determine for which programs they may be eligible.